Eliminator® Foundation Vent Fan

Eliminate Moisture In Crawl Spaces


De-Humidistat (optional)
• Reduces moisture content and mold potential in crawl spaces, floor joists, flooring, and other support wood
• Circulates air in crawl space
• Removes radon gas
• Automatic operation
• Temperature or humidity activated
• Reduces potential for airborne mold infiltration into home
• Reduces termite potential

The Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan is a motorized fan designed to circulate fresh air in a home or building crawl space to eliminate cancer-causing radon gas and reduce moisture that can lead to mold formation and termite infestation. The Eliminator attaches to virtually any standard foundation vent. It is wired for automatic operation when the temperature exceeds 50°F. An optional de-humidistat activates the fan when humidity exceeds the owner-determined setting (20%–80%) in conjunction with the built-in temperature control. The temperature control is shielded from the sun to prevent false readings that could lead to costly operation during cold weather.

Note: The de-humidistat is designed to be installed remotely, so it can be placed in the crawl space where moisture is most likely to accumulate.

Facts about radon, mold, and moisture.

Radon is a radioactive gas that is considered to be a health hazard affecting indoor air quality worldwide. Radon gas is the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States. One in fifteen homes in the U.S. has a high level of radon.

According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, nearly all chronic sinus infections are a result of mold. Since up to 40% of the air we breathe in the home can come from the crawl space, mold in the crawl space means mold in the home. The EPA recommends to keep humidity levels in the crawl space to 40%–50% to reduce the likelihood of mold formation.

Excess moisture in a crawl space can have serious consequences. Not only can it lead to mold formation, it also increases termite potential and can increase the potential for rot in floor joists, cross members, and sub-flooring. Moisture level in wood should be less than 20%. In high humidity areas, that number can easily exceed 30%. To maintain safe moisture levels, experts recommend a plastic moisture barrier on the ground in combination with a vent fan such as the Eliminator.

How it Works

Fan Specifications
Voltage 115 VAC
Amps .60 Amps
Cubic Feet per Minute 100 CFM
Housing Material Galvanized Steel
Number of Units Required One per 1,000 square ft. of crawl space
Temperature Switch Operation Above 50°F
De-humidistat (Optional) Adjustable from 20%-80%
Mounting Plate Dimensions 14 3/8" X 6 7/8"
1. The Eliminator is attached to any standard foundation vent, and then wired to a 120v source.

2. Optional de-humidistat is placed in center of crawl space area.

3. When temperature in crawl space exceeds 50°F and/or when humidity exceeds de-humidistat setting, the Eliminator is engaged.

4. Moist air and radon gases are pulled from crawl space and replaced with fresh, outside air.

5. When thermostat or de-humidistat is satisfied, the Eliminator is deactivated.

Independent Test Results

“The Eliminator effectively reduces radon
gas and moisture levels in the typical
crawl space.”

Eliminator Foundation Vent Fans were installed in homes
with high wood moisture content in the 28% to 30%
range. Over a thirty day period, the moisture content was
measured at weekly intervals. Homes with the Eliminator
installed saw a reduction of moisture levels to as low as
16% and 17%. A wood moisture level of 20% or less is
considered ideal. Homes without the Eliminator showed no
reduction in moisture content.

“The Eliminator performed well, even under severe moisture
problem conditions…the amount of air moved is sufficient to
correct the problems present.”
Cliff Consulting
Columbia, S.C.